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I wish to share that my experience of undergoing an ERCP procedure, post operative care and recovery went extremely well. Pre-procedure counselling helped allay all my fears and anxiety about the surgery. Competent and experienced surgical expertise combined with the latest technology meant that I was in safe and able hands. During my short post-operative period, the caring attitude of the nursing staff helped me recover faster. I am so delighted that these minimally invasive and scar-less endoscopic surgeries are making the lives of patients so easy and recovery so fast and uneventful.   
- Ms Manisha Khatri (Executive)

Thank you for everything from pre-pregnancy through the last 9 months. It has been such a magical journey with the most perfect result at the end. I couldn’t have been in better hands
- Mrs. Radhika Karanjkar

I want to thank Dr. Lalit Shimpi from the bottom of my heart. I am able to do what i am doing now is just because of him, my life saver.I was detected with autoimmune hepatitis about four years ago. Since then Dr. Shipmi has been treating me. I was not at all aware of this illness. It started with medication and then steroids. I was totally scared when i had to undergo liver biopsy. Then the worst came i had to be hospitalized last year. Now i am good and on little medication.
- Mrs. Aarti Tipnis

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