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FAQ's For Gynaecology


What is Gynaecology?

Gynaecology is a medical practice which deals with the health of the reproductive systems of females such as, vagina, uterus and ovaries. Most of the gynaecologists are also obstetricians. Gynaecology is usually considered as a consultant Specialty.

What does a Gynaecologist do?

gynaecologist is a doctor treating the diseases and problems of the reproductive system of the female. Mostly, gynaecologists are female as the treatment is related to their reproductive organs.

A gynaecologist mainly treats cancer of the cervix, pelvic disorders and urinary tract, and hormonal and breast problems. Often, a gynaecologist is also an obstetrician who enables the females to deliver babies and provide prenatal and postpartum care to the mothers.

Several ladies look up to a gynaecologist as their primary care doctor as she looks after their overall health.

Pregnancy termination or abortion.

Abortion is a process wherein a pregnancy is medically terminated. Though legal in India since 1971, it's a controversial and sensitive practice. It's not that every pregnancy is safe or perfect for a pregnant woman. There are many reasons for Pregnancy termination being carried out, such as ethical, social and medical reasons. To carry out a pregnancy termination or not also depends on the condition, viewpoints, status or lifestyle of the pregnant woman. 

As per the laws of pregnancy termination in India, pregnancy termination on a woman can be carried out only by qualified doctors under specific conditions only in an approved hospital or clinic.

What is infertility, and what are its causes?

Infertility means inability of an individual to conceive biologically. It could also refer to the state of a woman to carry her pregnancy to full term. There are several biological reasons that lead to infertility and can be treated medically in several of the infertility centers in Pune. Infertility can be caused by poor lifestyle or sexual habits and these can be cured easily.

Some more causes of infertility are: heavy use of tobacco or drugs and alcohol, anorexia or starvation diets in woman, men wearing tight underwear causing an increase in crotch temperature and reducing the sperm count, women being under stress causing irregular periods and in man reducing the sperm count.

At Cedar Clinic, Dr. Shalaka can offer you the required consultation needed with respect to infertility.

Can infertility in women be treated?

Today, the problem of infertility has troubled many women. There are several reasons for this problem and they are mainly because of the sedentary lifestyle. At The Cedar Clinics the doctors ensure that you overcome this problem with ease. 

The cause of the fertility problems determines the treatment options and it would differ for each individual. In vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a renowned and highly successful treatment, but at times can be expensive and complex.

Other options such as drug treatment and surgery can be extremely effective and if you and your partner are facing such problem then it can be treated successfully with surgery or fertility drugs.
Following are some of the factors that determine the appropriate treatment for you:
  • Age
  • The reason for your and your partner’s fertility problem.
  • The quality of the sperm of your partner
  • The length of the time for which you and your partner have had the problem related to fertility
  • Whether you’ve been previously pregnant or not
We at The Cedar Clinics carry out all types of fertility treatment, right from the least to most invasive ones. The Cedar Clinics is an all in one clinic where infertility treatment is a part of the whole process.

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